Tuesday, 19 February 2008

How to comment

A few people have told me over the past week or so that they would like to comment on the blog, but still weren't sure how to do it.

At the bottom of each post (the blog diary entry) is some smaller text which tells you who has written the post (e.g. "Trabb's Boy"), and how many comments have been left about that particular post. The number and the word "comments" is a yellowish colour. By clicking on this text (yellowish number of comments), you will be taken to another page which reveals what others have said, or you may be the first to comment. You type your comment and you will need to choose how your comment will be signed. The choices offered are to sign in if you have a google or openID account (in which case your account screen-name will be the signatory for your comment), to type in a nickname (and here you can type in your real name of course), or to click on the "anonymous" button. At the moment, commenters are also asked to complete a verification: here you simply type in a box the display text (just a few letters and/or numbers) as instructed. This acts as a spam filter for the website. Your comment then comes to me to check its appropriateness. When I have checked it, I publish it on the site. I have been encountering a few technical glitches with this, but this seems to happen when there is a batch of comments from the same party at once. But don't worry about that, just keep posting!

Whether you want to leave a comment, or you want to just read what others have written, when you have finished with that comments page, use your back button to go back to the main blog page. I could talk until the cows came home. Let's hear what you've got to say!

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Trabb's Boy said...

A quick "heads up" for those new to the blog: the blog posts are published so that the most recent shows at the top of the page, but comments are published on the comment page in the order in which they are published (most recent at the bottom of the page).