Monday, 18 February 2008

Happy Half-Term

Well for those of you in the throes of school-life, Trabb's Boy sincerely hopes that you are having a chance to relax during the half-term holiday. Many of us are waiting on tender-hooks to see what next week brings. It will be relief for some, and heart-break for others, and in the view of NAME campaigners a severe blow to the Rother Valley overall. I would question the timing of the newsbreak. I understand that they need to co-ordinate their announcement at each of the schools, but why was this not organised in good time, as the consultation period has already opened up following their going public over their academy plans? It makes the actual "consultation" period- the time during which people actually know what is proposed- even shorter!

So we have no idea what precisely the proposals will entail, other than the imposition of an academy, (and we have been told by persons in-the-know that this is to be on MIS grounds). So until we can offer more specific information, we will start disseminating general information about academies. If there is something specific which you want to know about academies, tell us and we will do our best to include that in the information. You can email or leave your questions in the comments section (at the end of the post in small yellow writing-- click on).

NAME wants the Rother Valley to have an informed opinion, and this you won't get from the local authority. Tell us what you think, tell us what you know and tell us what you want to know. We want the best for our children, and we want to support all of our schools. Watch this space; there's more to come. In the meantime: happy half-term.

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