Sunday, 24 February 2008

Don't Miss the Rough Guide

Lots are asking NAME about academies. They sound nice- lots of money, new buildings- but what actually are they? My Rough Guide to Academies Part 1 can be found a few posts down. There is a succinct definition at the top and fuller descriptions below for those who wanted to know more. If you click on the post title in the "Archive" navigation bar on the left of the page, you will be taken to a new page dedicated to that particular post.


ToryTeacher said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this issue yet. Many of us teaching in the area are concerned and confused and need more information. This is difficult when the West Sussex Grid for Learning has blocked access to this blog from the computers teachers use. How can we contribute to the 'debate' if we are not allowed to hear the arguments?

Trabb's Boy said...

toryteacher, the thing about academies- and in particular the way WSCC have approached the academy issue here- is that it pays for the public to be confused and un/mis-informed. The less people understand about them, the easier it is to steamroller one through. Keep checking the blog and leaving comments- I will be posting more information in the next couple of weeks. You can print out posts like the rough guide and give to colleagues who want to know more. I shall be in touch with someone to see if the filter can be removed from wsgfl for the blogsite (but I am not counting on the permission being allowed).

Trabb's Boy said...

Also- don't forget, you can find out a lot more, and ask your own questions at the public meeting that we've organised: Easebourne Refectory 7pm this coming Thursday (28th Feb). It would be great if anyone who is definitely coming could let us know- you can do so anonymously here in the comment section, or by emailing us ( If the Refectory looks like it will be too crowded, we may need to move the meeting to the church which holds 300.