Thursday, 27 March 2008

Public Meetings

At a lively public meeting at Midhurst Intermediate last night, the views of Rother Valley residents were clearely aired. Being cautious, we would estimate that there was a majority of the audience whose positions ranged from strong reservations to outright opposition to the Academy proposal. Aside from the sponsor who wished to take control of the schools, and Robert Back of WSCC, only one or two of the twenty or so speakers expressed a pro-Academy position.

However, the meeting was still centred around the sponsor's corporate promotion. If you want to further explore the issues at stake on your own terms, not those set by the sponsor, please come along to one of NAME's scheduled public meetings. The next three take place on:

Monday, March 31st, Garden Room, Grange Centre, Midhurst, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, April 2nd, Methodist Church Hall, Midhurst, 1:00 PM (intended for those with young children who are unable to attend evening meetings, but open to anyone)
Thursday, April 3rd, Leconfield Hall, Petworth, 7:30.

Those in favour of the Academy are invited along with those against and the many people who have yet to make up their mind.


Anonymous said...

Thought you might like to see this from The Independent. Even the teachers don't like Academies (for various reasons).

Anonymous said...

The meeting last Wednesday was very interesting, altohugh the speaker from the ULT went on for far to long. He spoke for a longtime about the wonderful life skills children in Academies would be learning and leaving with, but isn't this what every good state secondary school should be producing? I know the Grammar school has had a few bad years, but if the two young lads that spoke that evening are anything to go by, they are back on track. The only difference in what the ULT offer and the county is a new building. I always thought it was teachers that taught our children, not buildings.

Trabb's Boy said...

We received a comment from an anonymous sender during "Any Questions" on Radio 4. Though the commenter made a fair point about the supposed parity an academy should bring, we have decided not to publish it, given the recent local event which is still quite sensitive.

Trabb's Boy said...


i've put the link to the Independent article on the side bar now. Thanks for this!