Friday, 14 March 2008


If you haven't got this week's paper- get it while you can. The letters page (12) in this week's Midhurst and Petworth Observer made for some great reading. (And perhaps the anonymous sender of the letters from a few weeks ago could send this week's batch for those unable to get a paper). Column inch by column inch, people in our community made clear their repugnance for the slanderous comments of Mr Blair-Robinson. More importantly, they made clear the issues at stake in this academy debate and elevated the level of the discussion by focussing on the positives (and actual facts) which keep getting side-lined by Mr BR and the academy spin-machine.

I was so thrilled to read the featured letter penned by sixth-form pupil Harry Dzenis. His informed and articulate reasoning is evidence that we must not overlook: that here in the Rother Valley our schools- OUR schools- nurture and encourage the talent and intellect of our young people. We should be proud, and so should he. Good on ya, Harry, I say.

What do you say? We'd love to hear you comments about what you have read in the papers. West Sussex have made great efforts to stage-manage this academy pressgang . Despite their attempts to present this as a fait accompli and welcomed move forward by all, and despite Mr Blair-Robinson's unsolicited diatribes, the debate develops. I'd be delighted if the debate develops here on the blog as well. Click on the post title or the little green "comments" at the bottom and tell us your side of the story.

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nameless said...

I would like to shake the hand of Mr Blair-Robinson. He really has it all sussed. I am not sure what he does for a living, but the man is exceptionally talented, obviously. Not only can he tell us how to run a school, apparently he is able to reorganise an entire school system. His great skill in fortune-telling must prove very helpful in this, lest we lose our secondary schools if we don’t follow his vision. His governorship has also been a boon, or else how could he mete out such sweeping damnation, personal attacks and presumptive punishments with such authority? I had thought that the Revd. Boxley had served many decades of commited, quality teaching and professional service to the Grammar School in many capacities. I had heard that his last tenure on the board of governors was one in which he relentlessly strove for procuring better teaching and learning conditions for staff and pupils- trying to represent their interests to management. But obviously Mr Blair-Robinson knows better. I think maybe he knows better too about the priesthood, having such saintly qualities as tolerance and forgiveness with his patient pronouncements like “self-justification is the natural response of those whose legacy is questioned”. Patience is a virtue which should serve him very well in town hall, too, for he also is able to direct Chairman Hughes so boldly. Perhaps it was in a council that Mr Blair-Robinson acquired such proficiency in town planning, a modern family hotel would suit Midhurst so much better than a school! And it was so good of him to concede that maybe he’d be willing to let the sixth-form stay in the historic buildings. He is a formidable man. I eagerly await to see if he will soon demonstrate further outstanding skills in property development or consultancy?